Meet the TEAM

‘GRANDAD: (The walker) This walk may be hard; some days each step might burn; and some days I might feel like giving up…. but none of my steps will ever be as hard as the first steps that Violet took in her specialised walker … the determination on her little face is motivation enough. If you can … you should’.

NANA: (Organiser) ‘Violet is an amazing little girl. We’re raising money for her to be able to do all the things that other people take for granted. She needs expensive equipment just to walk in the park or to go swimming,’

GREG: (Driver) is a long term family friend and has offered to be the support-driver for David. He will drive Daisy to the agreed meeting points each 15km along the route. He will liaise with the public, promoting the Walk and will ensure David is kept fed and watered.

SIMON-the-BEAR: is the former mascot for the Metropolitan Police,
Public-Order Training Centre. (POTC). ‘I have now retired but I am looking forward to getting involved in fundraising and promoting disability awareness’. Want to follow Simon’s journey? Click here

‘DAISY : is an essential part of the team. Stopping every 15km to support him on his journey. She will carry his essential items and be his liaison point for news and updates. Daisy will meet people along the driving route, promoting awareness.

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6th September 2019 - 6th October 2019