1 Million Steps for Violet

Meet Violet, the little girl, with a big smile.
Our amazing 4 year old granddaughter needs YOUR help.

Violet has Cerebral Palsy, and Complex Medical Needs. She needs round the clock care, takes daily medication and needs equipment to walk, play and stand.  To follow Violet’s  medical journey click here

WHY are we fundraising for Violet?
Raising a child with Complex Medical Needs is incredibly expensive. You would think that Government help is there for children like Violet, but sadly, it often isn’t.  Unfairly, everything is hard, each day brings new challenges, some successes, many failures and stresses, but Violets’ Parents continue their fight for Violet … Our CP Warrior Princess. One of their biggest worry, is finances… There are so many things she needs now, a Sensory-room where she can learn and grow, walkers, chairs, buggies as she gets bigger, the list is long and is ongoing.

So, to help with Violet’s financial needs, I have challenged myself to a sponsored walk along the gruelling GR36 route from my house in SW France, to Violet’s home town of Hastings, East Sussex UK.
The total walk is 775km, 481 miles, 1 million steps… Our hope is to raise enough money to remove some of their financial stress and to enable Violet’s parents to give her the space, the equipment and the care that she needs to flourish….

I’m 62 years old, overweight and unfit, so I know I have a lot of work to do.
As well as being physically demanding, the journey will be both mentally and emotionally hard for me too. My motivation is in the knowledge that together, we will have brought some financial relief to Violet, her wonderful parents and her twin brother Henry.

So how can YOU help Violet? The LITTLE girl with the BIG smile……

Our target, by the 31st October 2019, is £10,000 ….. PLEASE help us reach our goal….. PLEASE help Violet and her family have what others take for granted…. THANK YOU